Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ben's Special Helper Day

Monday it was Ben's turn to be the special helper at preschool.  Mark is back in Charlotte working so unlike last week it was just me to take video and pictures.  I was trying to hold the camcorder in one hand and the DSLR camera in the other.  As anticipated, the results aren't quite as good.  Some of the still photos are blurry.  I'm sure in years to come when we want to look at the video, Ben is going to wonder if Mommy was drinking when she took the video.  Oh well, I did my best.

Ben loved being the special helper.  It is fire safety week at school so we checked out a book about firefighters from the library for his show-and-tell item.  He also got to wear a firefighter's hat during play time.  Ben isn't always willing to take the time to write his name (although he knows how) so I was very happy he wrote his own name on his name tag.  It was also cooking day.  They made sugar doughnuts for letter D week.  He was extra happy to be the first one in line and the first one to get to eat!

Got to love the hats during Fire Safety Week.

The hat might be just SLIGHTLY too big for that baby.

Silly girl!

Ben writing his name tag.  Car in one hand, pen in the other.
Getting his attendance sticker

Passing out name cards

Hi.  I am 4 years old. If you want to take my picture, at least one of the shots is going to look like this!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Abby's Special Helper Day

The kids' preschool  has a special helper every day.  They go in alphabetical order plus you get to be the helper around or on your birthday.  Last year my kids were gypped.  Our last name is at the end of the alphabet and they have a summer birthday.  They were all the special helper once before Christmas.  By the time their 2nd individual turn should have come around it was towards the end of school and the teachers were trying to get all the summer birthdays in.  My kids had to be the shared helpers for their early birthday day.  While everyone else in the class got to be the special helper 3 times, mine only got 2 and 1 of those times they had to share.  Sometimes it really doesn't pay to be a triplet.

They LOVE being the special helper and ask almost daily if it is their turn yet.  This year I know we will not be here the whole year.  By the time their normal turn comes around we might not even be here.  That is why I asked if they could be moved up.  It is bad enough we are going to leave in the middle of school.  I was determined the kids would not get gypped out of being the special helper this year.

Friday was Abby's turn.  The special helper gets to ring the cleanup bell and pass out the name tags.  They hold the flag for the Pledge of Allegiance and point to the letters, numbers, colors and days of the week.  They put the date on the calendar and tell everyone what the weather is like that day.  They get to be first in line all day.  The special helper brings the snack and gets to pass it out at snack time.  Who wouldn't want to be the special helper!

An extra added bonus was that Mark was home for a long weekend so we both got to watch Abby be the special helper.
"Carrying my baby all over town"

Getting her name tag

Ringing the clean up bell

The 1st one to put her sticker on 

Passing out name tags

She is SO short!

Ben bumped his chin on the table
They usually sit at different tables, but Abby put their name tags all in a row.