Sunday, November 14, 2010

Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat was a big success this year.  2 years ago it was a warm day and they did great.  Last year it was really chilly and they were cold and whiny.  This year I had them dressed warm enough and they are old enough to walk the 2 streets we go on in a reasonable amount of time.

All of Mark's family was able to come this year which made it extra fun.  Uncle Bill stayed home to pass out candy.  Aunts Luciann, Vanessa and Michele went Trick or Treating with us along with Uncle Gio.  Gio gets major points for coming at all.  Katie was SO excited to Trick or Treat with Uncle Gio.  He came and walked the whole way with Katie despite having a medical issue a day or 2 before.  Abby and Ben took turns going around with the rest of us.

Ben wasn't too sure what to make of this guy but he wanted the Oreos.

These people had their garage decorated.  Abby refused to go near it.  One of the neighbor boys went and got her a piece of candy.  How sweet!

 It took us about an hour to do our neighborhood.  The kids had over flowing baskets of candy and chips.  We went home to take some after pictures.  Then the kids got to eat one or two pieces of candy and the chocolate chip cookie cake that Aunt Michele and Uncle Gio brought them.  Surprisingly they actually went to bed decently after all of that excitement and sugar.  We are seriously going to miss going Trick or Treating with our relatives and in this neighborhood!

Preschool Halloween

Two days before  Halloween it was time for the kids' preschool party.  They were allowed to wear their costumes to school.  Thank goodness no one had a really difficult costume to put on because it was just me trying to get them dressed and ready for school on time.

They had fun at their party.  After they had a Halloween Parade around the parking lot and then stood for the parents to take pictures.  It was really cold.  We were all freezing waiting for the kids to come out.  I didn't get as good pictures as last year.  They took them in to the field so it was easier to get a whole shot of the class last year.  This year they didn't do that because of the cold.  I had other parents standing in my way too.  Oh well.  The kids came home with a ton of candy and assorted junk so they were happy.

Minnie Mouse Katie

Princess Tiana (The Princess and the Frog) Abby

Astronaut Ben

Katie and her special friend Vinnie