Monday, October 18, 2010

Katie's 'pecial Helper Day

Yes, it is really Special Helper Day, but not when Katie says it.  Katie is mostly missing the S sound at the start of her words.  It is only in the last month that she is getting the S sound but it hasn't made yet made it to the word special.  I have to admit it sounds kind of cute the way she says it.  I'm going to be a little bit sad when she finds that darn S full time but it will be a lot easier for others to understand her.

Katie was beyond excited to be the Special Helper.  Heck, she was excited when her brother and sister were the helpers.  On Katie's morning I went in to wake up the kids and said "good morning Special Helper Katie."  She immediately jumped out of bed with happy energy and started bouncing around the room.  Her brother and sister did not share her enthusiasm about getting out of their nice, warm beds but we made it to school anyway.  Katie really wanted to get to school and do her job!

Katie was the helper on a Wednesday.  They call it Wacky Wednesday at school.  We found the Dr. Seuss book "Wacky Wednesday" at the library for her show and tell item.  It was a big hit with all the kids.  On Wacky Wednesday they do things backwards.  They start with Z, Y, X when doing the alphabet and count down from 30 while doing numbers.  When she wrote her nametag she ran out of room and had to put some letters on the bottom so even her nametag was wacky.

She enjoyed passing out the namecards and snacks.  Katie's snack was graham cracker Scooby Snacks and juice. Scooby Snacks always go over well with the class.  She also liked being first in line to go to the art room. 

Abby, on the other hand, was jealous.  When I was taking pictures of Katie doing her Special Helper duties I could see Abby in the back of the room looking annoyed.  I wasn't sure if she had some kind of problem so I asked her before leaving.  She said everything was too "Katieish."   Silly, jealous girl!  I had to remind her that the previous days had been "Abbyish" and "Benish" and it was just Katie's turn.  I had to take Abby's picture just to make her happy.

Katie was very happy.  In fact, I think Katie would be very happy to be the Special Helper every day!

Katie and Mrs. Millerschoen

Writing her nametag

Just follow the letters in a circle.  Wacky!

Ringing the bell

Getting her attendance sticker


Jealous Abby

Line leader!