Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The toys have taken over!

Our kids have a lot of toys.  They are the only grandchildren on either side of the family.  I enjoy buying them things for special occasions.  One could say they are a bit spoiled in the toy department!  I have packed away some of their things but since then they had a birthday and got more stuff.   They really, really like to play with EVERYTHING, often at the same time.

The princesses, Little People, dollhouse and Barbies come out almost every day.

We haven't been going out much in the last couple of weeks.  Mark has already moved to Charlotte to start his new job.  We have no more activities.  I didn't sign them up for anything the last half of the summer because we hoped we would be moving.  Our library storytime is on hiatus for a few weeks.  School doesn't start until after Labor Day.  Plus, mommy is a bit depressed some of the time and is just happy if the kids are entertaining themselves with minimal fighting.  That is, I'm happy they are entertaining themselves until it is time to pick up the toys.

The toys have taken over!   I AM making them pick up a lot of their toys now, especially on a day this bad.  The thing is right now I need things picked up better than 4 year olds are capable of doing.  If someone calls for a house showing the next day I need the toys to start at a manageable level.  This means I am picking up toys forever!

The playroom

Living room

The kids do get points for creativity.  Nothing wrong with their sorting skills either.  They like to make piles or areas for certain things.  This day they were playing zoo.

Dolls on the couch
The elephant area.
My personal favorite.  Polar bears by the sink.

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  1. Oh does that look familiar. Most of the same toys too. LOL. Picking up sucks but if it keeps them quiet for even five minutes, it's all worth it. God Bless you, Lori, I don't know what I would do if I had to pick up quickly.