Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The day Mommy let us get muddy

Yes, I am normally one of "those moms."  The kind that doesn't really like their kids to get too dirty.  I know I'm not the only one.  Some moms I know have different levels of clothing they have their kids wear so they only get dirty in certain clothes.  I don't do that, but AM guilty of often steering the kids away from activities that will get them messy. 

Today I let them get muddy. It didn't start our that way. We had another 90 degree day and weren't going anywhere. Since it is September 1st in Pennsylvania, there probably won't be too many more of these days. It seemed like a good day to let the kids play in the sprinkler.

They all ran in and out of the sprinkler at first, but soon Abby and Ben lost interest and began to play on the deck.  Katie kept playing in the sprinkler.

After about 40 minutes I warned the kids it was almost time to turn the sprinkler off.  I would let them play outside for a little while longer but then it was bath time.  They always have grass clippings stuck to them after sprinkler play so a bath is necessary.  Before I could turn the water off, Katie realized all that water had made some mud puddles and she started playing in one.  Usually I tell them to stop splashing, but not today.  Once Abby and Ben realized what was happening they had to get in on the fun.  It isn't every day Mommy lets them splash in the mud!

After I turned the sprinkler off it was time for damage control.  Everyone got hosed down, stripped on the deck, toweled off and marched right up to the tub.  They had a great time!

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