Saturday, September 4, 2010

Properly Attired

Today is the first Penn State football game this season.  We are a Penn State crazy family.  Not only did Mark and I meet at Penn State, both of our brothers are also alumni.  My parents had season tickets for many years and my brother still does.  As soon as we knew we were having triplets, it became a priority to have them properly attired.

6 weeks old
Mark could not wait to buy Penn State baby clothes.  He came home from working a basketball game while I was pregnant with 3 cute onesies and bibs.  They were 0-3 month size.  The first time the kids wore them they were about 6 weeks old and about 5-6 pounds.  The clothes were too big for the kids but we dressed them up anyway and took pictures.  That first game we were at my parents' house.  Mark was out of town for work.   We packed up and drove 6 hours because I was in a panic about being left alone for a week with 3 infants who needed to be fed 24/7.  It was kind of cool the first week, so we took more pictures the following game.
Ben still looked jaundiced at 6 weeks.

7 weeks old
When they were one, Uncle Rob started making it a priority to make sure his nieces and nephew were properly attired.  He came to our house after the first football game with tiny t-shirts and sweatshirts.  It was much harder to get them to stay still long enough to take pictures that year!
Katie, one year old
Abby, one year old

Ben,  one year old
The only way to get a 3 shot that day!
At age 2  Uncle Rob came through again.  As 2 year olds, the kids were more willing to pose.
Touchdown!   Age 2

At age 3, Daddy got back in the clothing game and picked up t-shirts for the crew.  The kids, however, weren't so cooperative for pictures.

As good as it gets, age 3
Today, at age 4, it is Grandma and Grandpa who furnished the clothes.  They were part of their birthday presents.  Although still a challenge, it was easier to get them to pose this year.
Age 4
Always have to end with the silly shot when you are 4!

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